Sunday School

Sunday School

The mission of our Sunday School and Discipleship ministry is to carry out the Great Commission to children, youth, and adults in preparation for a lifetime of making Christlike disciples in the nations.

Sunday School Classes (10:00-10:45 AM)

Adult (in Creole)

Young adult (in English and Creole)

Youth (in English)

Children (in English)

Through our Sunday School ministry, we are dedicated to teach the Word of God to the children, the youth, and the adults, in order to help them grow spiritually until they are wholly sanctified and maturing in the Christian experience.

This ministry is organized in different classes – for children, youth, and adults – in English and in Haitian Creole. The Sunday School classes are held at 10:00 AM for 45 minutes, before the Sunday morning worship service. Participants have the opportunity to take part in different activities, ask questions, discuss, and interact with each other on the lesson or subject of the day.

You are invited to join one of our classes on Sunday, whether you are already a member of our congregation or not. It will certainly be worth it.

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Pastor Joas Occes

Secretary Widline J. Jackson

Treasurer Sony Pierre

SDMI Andrema Jean

NYI Cathie Jean

NMI Bosener Arius